LaborPools Founders have owned and operated Manufacturing Plants across the Chicago Land Area, possessing 30+ years in the business. They have teamed up with local Subject Matter Experts in Government Workforce Development to bring you the expertise of Federal & State Workforce, European & Asian Manufacturing Industry Knowledge and Training Connections. Our Recruiters are industry certified in OSHA, NIMS, MSSC and ISO 9000,14000, 22000 with a high manufacturing IQ needed to communicate to both the employer and potential candidate.

Engineering Manufacturing Recruitment

Find the perfect employees for your job openings when you take advantage of our technical recruitment services. We keep you from wasting time interviewing unqualified candidates and help you hire knowledgeable skilled employees that don't produce high costing scrap & excessive rework. Our team of certified recruiting industry experts utilize European & American University performance testing-screening-tools needed to make the correct analysis for attracting the very best candidates in Chicago and surrounding Suburbs.